We started the organic farm back in 2001, when we moved from London to Marche, with an ideal of environmental sustainability. We had serched for properties for sale in Tuscany, Umbria and finally arrived to Marche where we fell in love both with the unspoiled countryside and the authenticity the region and its people emanated.


Half of the land follows a five-year crop rotation, as this is the most virtuous and efficient practice that respects and protects the environment.


We planted an olive grove of two local varieties and although our oil production is still modest it is certainly very attentive to its quality with hand picking and traditional cold milling within 48 hours of harvesting.


We have a predilection for fruit trees usually neglected, such as the medlar, the elder, the mulberry tree, the quince and the strawberry tree, with which we prepare the jams served at breakfast.


All around the property we have also created a green area of 31000 square metres , planting over 3000 trees that reduce carbon emission, help protect against land erosion, improve drainage thus consolidating slopes and rolling landscapes and, producing berries, to attract native fauna.