Holidays in Le Marche : Archeological sites in the Marche region


In the vicinity of the Agriturismo you can visit different places of Archeological importance and interest, including:


Parco Archeologico Falerio Picenus

Archaeological Park Falerio Picenus, in Falerone. The park consists mainly from the urban area of the ancient city of Falerio Picenus, inside you can visit the Roman Theatre, which stands isolated in the countryside, at the end of a shaded driveway, and we can also admire two large water tanks and the 'amphitheater' (tel. 333.5816389). The theater is one of the best preserved Roman theaters in the Marche and is still used in the summer for many performances.


Parco Archeologico del Santuario Ellenistico di Monte Rinaldo

Archaeological Park of the Hellenistic Sanctuary of Monte Rinaldo. Two excavations between 1957 and 1962 have partially brought to light the sanctuary of the late Hellenistic and structures of an advanced imperial age. To the south of the porch in the photo lie the remains of the foundation of the Temple dated between the second and first century. A.C.


Le Cisterne Romane a Fermo

The Roman Cisterns at Fermo, underground work of the Augustan period (40 AD) in an area approximately 2000 m2, divided into 30 rooms on three parallel rows, which was designed to store water. The state of preservation is excellent and can still be visited today..


Il Parco Archeologico di Urbs Salvia

The Archaeological Park of Urbs Salvia is the largest of the Marche region with an area of 40 hectares, surrounded by nature and the countryside, with splendid monuments of the Roman era. In what was once part of the Roman town of Urbs Salvia, including well-marked trails and paths, you can admire the Castle, the Archaeological Museum, the Town Hall, the water tank of the ancient aqueduct, the theater, the building in niches, a large temple-cryptoporticus, the old city walls, the amphitheater as well as two large memorials. It 'an opportunity to spend a carefree day, away from the chaos of the city.


Falerone - Amphitheater
Monte Rinaldo - Sanctuary
Fermo - Roman Cisterns
Park of 'Urbs salvia'



Archeological sites in the Marche region:


Falerone (FM)

Cupra Maritima (AP)

Urbisaglia (MC)

S.Severino Marche (MC)

Castelleone di Suasa (AN)

Sassoferrato (AN)

Fossombrone (PU)


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